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New! Bid Award Addendum #4 Effective 3/14/2014 Issued 4/17/14

New! Ford Recall Inspection Memo (13S08). On September 10, 2013 Ford Motor Company issued a Safety Recall (13S08) regarding certain 2005 through 2011 Model Year Crown Victoria (including Police Interceptors), Grand Marquis and Town Car vehicles originally sold in or currently registered in 23 northern and midwestern states. While Florida is not on the list of states affected by the recall, we have been advised by more than one agency that they feel they have experienced such an equipment failure and recommend that other agency’s inspect their vehicles for such issues in their fleet in order to confirm this defect does not extend beyond those identified by Ford.

Here is the procedure for conducting the inspection of the lower intermediate shaft (i-shaft) swing link for corrosion. Disconnect the lower i-shaft and articulate the three swing link joint. This is the only method to determine if the joints are freely moving or seized due to corrosion. If any of the joints do not move freely, it fails the inspection. Next, visually inspect the column bearing. If the column bearing is unseated, it fails the inspection. Finally, the upper i-shaft should be measured. If the upper i-shaft as measured from the black collar along the splined portion to the collar at the bottom of the rag joint is less than 5 3/8” (137 mm) it fails the inspection. This inspection should take approximately 15 - 20 minutes. If any component fails the inspection, please contact your local dealer for direction.

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