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Guest Articles

The following articles were submitted to the Florida Sheriffs Association for publication. Content in this law enforcement section is intended to reflect the opinions of various criminal just professionals who serve law enforcement, which means articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Florida Sheriffs Association. We welcome articles and topics of interest to the law enforcement and corrections practitioner. Review our writer's guidelines and contact FSA writer Julie Bettinger for more information. 

Use of “Low-Demand” and “First-Step” Homeless Shelters to Relieve Jail Overcrowding, by Dr. Robert G. Marbut Jr. and Chief Deputy Dan Simovich, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (pdf)

Remembering Sheriff Nick Navarro, by Harold B. Wilber, Col. USMC (Ret)

"Taming of the Lions," an opinion on pension reform, by Maj. Graham W. Fountain, Walton County Sheriff's Office (pdf)

"The History of Standards Development in Florida Jails," by Ned Hafner, former Director of Corrections & Jail Services, FSA (pdf)

"A Conversation Regarding Crisis Intervention Teams As A Model for New Program Adoption," by Dr. Larry Thompson, Psychologist (pdf)

"Protective Searches: Building Upon Terry v. Ohio," by David Waksman, Assistant State Attorney, Miami-Dade, FL (pdf)

"Gender Differences in Leadership," by Capt. Willie L. Parker, Jr. (pdf)

"The Ethical Issues of Racial Discrimination and the Judicial System: Does it Exist?" by Capt. Jerry K. Craig (pdf)

"Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Administration," by Lt. Al Ramirez (pdf)

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