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Public Safety Issues

The Florida Sheriffs Association wants to make sure citizens and visitors in our state have all the information they need to make better-informed decisions, especially when it comes to safety. The resources on this page can give background on public safety issues that are currently in the news.

Medical Marijuana

Currently, Marijuana is calssificed as a Schedule I Drug by Florida Statutes, the U.S. Congress and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Schedule I drugs are classified as having a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment and a lack of accepted safety for use. After decades of research, the Food and Drug Administration continues to reaffirm that there is no medical benefit provided by smoking marijuana and that, in fact, considerable harm can be caused by such use.  

However, to date, 20 states and the District of Columbie have passed laws to allow the "medical use” of marijuana by creating an exception to the laws that would otherwise penalize marijuana users.  

Two major goals of the Florida Sheriffs Association are to protect our youth and to promote public safety.  The following resources are intended to help citizens and law enforcement consider the risk marijuana use poses to public health and our youth.  

Resources and Facts


Prescription Drug Diversion

Get the facts on how the abuse of prescription drugs are affecting our state on our Prescription Drug Diversion page.

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