Janie Penny Weingart

FSA Honorary Member BadgeJanie Weingart, 67, is an avid supporter of the law enforcement community. In fact, Ms. Weingart said she doesn’t know where she’d be without the “incredible members of her local sheriff’s office and police department.”

Ms. Weingart said she honors and applauds all sheriffs. After being robbed at gunpoint, Ms. Weingart recalls the responding officers and deputies arriving immediately and bringing an immediate resolution to the matter. She said they saved her life. It was this experience, and numerous other positive encounters with deputies through the years, that motivated her to join the Florida Sheriffs Association 12 years ago.

Originally from New York, Ms. Weingart has held several jobs within the entertainment industry, including for William Mars Theatrical Agency and at RCA Records on the Elvis Presley account. However, she eventually relocated to Florida to be closer to her parents and began working for the Internal Revenue Service.

Ms. Weingart describes herself as a “Jewish woman with a strong spiritual side,” said she enjoys spending time at both temples and churches. In her free time, she also likes going out to eat, swimming, dancing, and watching shows and movies.

Her diverse set of interests has led her to join a variety of clubs at the assisted living community where she resides. Currently, Ms. Weingart participates in nine clubs, including a political club and numerous cultural and athletic clubs. Ms. Weingart is also a romantic writer and poet, and her poems are featured in her community’s monthly newspaper distributed to at least 1,000 people.