Member Profiles

The more than 80,000 business leaders, law enforcement officers and caring citizens who make up the Florida Sheriffs Association membership come from all walks of life, bringing with them unique and interesting stories. Though their backgrounds may differ, one factor remains the same—their commitment to backing the hardworking sheriffs who protect Florida families. We regularly feature our longtime supporters in The Sheriff’s Star magazine, and now we’ll also share their stories here, so fellow members can get to know these individuals who have championed the FSA for decades.

Photo of Rodger Fowler, 60-Year FSA Member

Rodger Fowler

60-Year Member

Rodger Fowler is a 60-year member of the Florida Sheriffs Association. He was born in Melbourne, Fla., in 1936 along with his tw...

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Photo of Louis Forget, 50+-Year FSA Member

Louis Forget

50+-Year Member

Louis Forget has been a longtime supporter of Florida’s law enforcement community and has maintained lasting friendships with...

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Photo of John W. Vaughn, 51-Year FSA Member

John W. Vaughn

51-Year Member

John W. Vaughn, a 51-year member of the Florida Sheriffs Association, was recognized last year with a Distinguished Service Awar...

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Photo of James Cochran, 50-Year FSA Member

James Cochran

50-Year Member

James Cochran was born in Leesburg and was raised in Dunnellon, Fla. Growing up, Mr. Cochran dedicated much of his time to the B...

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Photo of George Greene, 43-Year FSA Member

George Greene

43-Year Member

George Greene has been a member of the Florida Sheriffs Association since 1975. Following the death of his father in law, who wa...

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Photo of Morton “Morty” Levine, 30-Year FSA Member

Morton “Morty” Levine

30-Year Member

While Morton “Morty” Levine has many interests, two of his greatest passions involve law enforcement and education. Mr. Levine ...

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Photo of William Guggenheim III, 17-Year FSA Member

William Guggenheim III

17-Year Member

William Guggenheim III is a 17-year member of the Florida Sheriff’s Association. Mr. Guggenheim was compelled to join the FSA af...

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Photo of Janie Penny Weingart, 12-Year FSA Member

Janie Penny Weingart

12-Year Member

Janie Weingart, 67, is an avid supporter of the law enforcement community. In fact, Ms. Weingart said she doesn’t know where she...

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Photo of CJ Cuticello, 7-Year FSA Member

CJ Cuticello

7-Year Member

CJ Cuticello has been a longtime supporter of law enforcement. Mr. Cuticello, a seven-year member of the Florida Sheriffs...

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Photo of Ron Bedgood, 5-Year FSA Member

Ron Bedgood

5-Year Member

Ron Bedgood, a Clearwater, Fla. native, has lived in the Ocala area for all but the first two years of his life. Mr. Bedgood has...

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