Mission and Values

The day-to-day business of the Florida Sheriffs Association is directed by a strategic plan created and approved by the sheriffs of Florida. The plan contains five major goals:

  1. To provide effective and timely support, training and information exchanges for Florida’s sheriffs
  2. To foster effective law enforcement, crime prevention, apprehension of criminals and protection of life and property of the citizens of Florida
  3. To promote public awareness about developments in law enforcement, crime prevention and public safety
  4. To protect Florida’s future by promoting public support of programs and services focused on youth of our State
  5. To effectively manage resources of the Florida Sheriffs Association

A copy of FSA's 2016-2018 Strategic Plan can be found here: FSA Strategic Plan (PDF)

Our Vision

Florida’s sheriffs, united in purpose and voice, for the protection of Florida’s citizens and visitors.

Our Mission

The mission of the Florida Sheriffs Association as a self-sustaining, charitable organization is to foster the effectiveness of the Office of Sheriff through leadership, education and training, innovative practices and legislative initiatives.

Our Values

The Florida Sheriffs Association values integrity, fairness, commitment and accountability. Integrity is practiced by each of our members and the organizations they represent and we are committed to the protection of the Office of Sheriff and to our obligation to the citizens we serve. We practice fairness and accountability in our interactions with the members of our organizations, our citizens and the visitors to this state.

Our Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics (PDF) was adopted by the Standards, Ethics, Education and Training Committee at the 46th Annual Conference of the National Sheriffs’ Association, June 4, 1986. Updated and adopted by the Florida Sheriffs Association Board of Directors at the 2017 Winter Conference, January 29, 2017.