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January 11, 2018

How to Prevent a Carjacking

Carjacking has become a common crime across the nation with the Department of Justice reporting nearly 49,000 incidents a year. Learn how to protect yourself from this crime.

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How to Prevent Tax-Refund Identity Theft

December 29, 2017

Florida, with its large population of elderly residents and healthcare facilities, leads the nation in identity theft-related income tax fraud. Learn how to protect yourself.

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Preventing Cell Phone Theft

December 28, 2017

When devices are stolen, identity theft becomes a major concern, as personal information is often stored in cell phone devices.

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How to Protect Yourself While Walking through a Parking Lot

December 28, 2017

Being aware of your surroundings decreases your chances of becoming a victim.

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Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling this Holiday Season

December 07, 2017

With the Holiday season approaching, AAA Travel projects about 46.3 million Americans will leave their homes unoccupied, the highest volume for the holiday since 2007, and a 4.2 percent increase from last year. Unfortunately, there are criminals who use the Holiday season as a target to burglarize homes while homeowners are away.

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How to Recognize Victims of Human Trafficking

November 30, 2017

Victims of human trafficking may range from the ages of nine years old and up, sometimes younger.

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How to Be Safe on the Road While Traveling

November 29, 2017

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office provides the following tips for travel safety.

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