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Deputy Sheriff of the Year with his plaqueEach year the Florida sheriffs Association recognizes exemplary performance in law enforcement and corrections at our sheriffs’ conferences. The three key awards consistent of:

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Florida Sheriffs Association offers a special Lifetime Achievement Award to sheriffs' office employees with 40 years of service or more to law enforcement. If you fit the criteria – having served at least 20 years and one day in a Florida Sheriff's Office, with the remaining years of law enforcement service within the state of Florida – please contact your sheriff to be recognized. Award recipients receive a plaque acknowledging their dedication and an FSA Lifetime Honorary Membership.

Sheriffs' offices may submit nominations online year-round, however the annual call for nominations will be emailed to sheriffs and sheriffs’ assistants each October. Read more.

Nomination Criteria for the Lifetime Achievement Award (PDF)
Nomination Form for the Lifetime Achievement Award

Law Enforcement Hall of Fame

In October 2014, the Hall of Fame was created through Section 264.0041, Florida Statutes, to recognize and honor law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line for the safety and protection of Florida’s citizens and visitors through their works, service and exemplary accomplishments. Read more.

Honorary Sheriff

A rare award that the Florida sheriffs bestow on occasion is the title of “Honorary Sheriff.” This is given to someone who is a big supporter of law enforcement in Florida. The recipient, being of both high character and ethics, is recognized for their long-time support and relationship with law enforcement and/or the civil duties performed for the law enforcement society. A list of previous recipients and years can be found here.