Inmate Medical Cost Management

The Florida Sheriffs Association established the Inmate Medical Cost Management Program in 2012 as a solution to offsite inmate medical costs. Unlike Department of Corrections and Department of Juvenile Justice, jails are not guaranteed any caps on inmate medical costs. While some counties can negotiate good rates with local hospitals, others struggle when the inmate must be taken offsite to receive medical care.

The program is an enhancement to onsite medical care and does not carry any enrollment fee. Sheriffs or county-run jails only pay for the service if savings are achieved. A portion of the savings goes to pay for the negotiation and intense review of medical bills for offsite inmate medical care.

From 2016-2018, 23 sheriffs saved $3 million or 41% of all claims submitted.

2017 Inmate Medical Cost Management Program Award


Recent cases. To understand how significant the savings can be, one Florida Sheriff's Office asked the provider to review a bill that was several years old. After scrubbing the bill, the sheriff received a 59% reduction in the total bill.

In another instance, the provider was able to negotiate a 51% reduction on a bill for an inmate who was treated at an out-of-county trauma center.

How it works. This program gives the sheriffs and/or the county access to a nationwide network of medical providers. While the average savings are 35-40%, this network has provided up to 60% in savings for offsite medical services.

There are two ways to benefit from the program. The first method is to use the savings card anytime an inmate has to go offsite for medical care. The second way is when the care has already been delivered. When you enter into an agreement for this Program, Prime Health can take the outstanding bills and scrub them to secure a reduced rate.

The program works in concert with the contracts already established for in house medical services, so you can keep your current agreements in place.

Contact for details. The Inmate Medical Cost Management Program is administered by Prime Health Services Inc. and managed by Hunt Insurance Group LLC. To receive more information or to enroll, contact Hunt Insurance LLC: 1-800-763-4868 or Prime Health Services: 1-855-404-9857. You may also download and return the IMCMP Application. (PDF)

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