For Sheriffs' Offices

Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund. Helping sheriffs manage their risks through self insurance with policies designed specifically to cover the unique exposures of Florida's Sheriffs' Offices. Created for sheriffs by sheriffs, the FSRMF offers the best insurance coverage for Florida sheriffs, including law enforcement liability, public officials' liability, general liability, automobile liability, workers compensation and other miscellaneous coverages. FSRMF is governed by a Board of Managers comprised entirely of Florida sheriffs.

Florida Sheriffs Insurance Agency. The Florida Sheriffs Insurance Agency (FSIA) is available to assist Florida sheriffs in managing their exposures to loss and to provide a vehicle for the purchase of commercial insurance coverage where it is needed to protect the assets of the sheriff’s office. The types of coverages placed by the agency on behalf of sheriffs include, but are not limited to, aviation, statutory death benefits, inmate medical claim reimbursement, equipment, bonds and general liability. More information regarding the FSIA is available through the FSRMF website at

Florida Sheriffs Multiple Employers Trust (FSMET), Administered by Hunt Insurance Group, LLC. The Florida Sheriffs Multiple Employers Trust (FSMET) was established in 1984 by sheriffs for sheriffs. The FSMET acts like an umbrella, protecting each Sheriff’s Office Plan housed under it.  By joining the Trust, participants benefit by increasing their negotiation leverage with carriers, as well as being able to better control and manage their own finances.