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Florida Model Jail Standards

Current Members of the FMJS Committee

The Florida Model Jail Standards Committee includes three representatives from the Florida Sheriffs Association and two representatives from the Association of Counties. Committee members serve two-year terms. By majority vote, the Committee elects a Chairperson. Each elected Chairperson presides for a two-year term.

Mark Flowers, Director
Volusia County Department of Public Protection


William O. "Bill" Farmer, Jr., Chairman

Sheriff, Sumter County
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Mark A. Hunter

Sheriff, Columbia County
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Jared Miller

Sheriff, Wakulla County
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Guy M. Tunnell
Commissioner, Bay County
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If you have questions about the work of the Florida Model Jail Standards committee, please contact:

Sumter County Sheriff's Office
Accreditation Manager
Mr. James Aguiar
7361 Powell Road
Wildwood, Florida 34875

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