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Emergency Management

The Florida Sheriffs Association plays a very important role in the area of Emergency Management. FSA supports the sheriffs in whatever emergency they might be facing and assists in coordination when they are deploying to help another county or jurisdiction. We work through the Florida Sheriffs Task Force and in conjunction with the Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee. FSA also maintains its own Continuity of Operations Plan, in case of emergency or natural disaster.

Looking for the Sheriffs Emergency Mobilization System - SEMS?

Click here to login (username and password required). Contact Lieutenant Nick Lazaris or Captain Ryan Buckley, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office for details: via email (Lieutenant Lazaris, Captain Buckley) or phone: 727-582-6255 or 727-582-6301.

All other Florida Sheriffs Association Emergency Management questions should be directed to: FSA Public Safety Services Coordinator David Brand via email or phone (toll free): 1-800-877-2168, ext. 246.

How do Sheriffs' Offices respond in an emergency? 

The Florida Sheriffs Task Force sends Emergency Operation Center Command Team members to the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as the lead law enforcement agency appointed by the Governor, determines that a disaster exists that will tax the state agencies beyond their law enforcement response numbers. The FDLE Mutual Aid Lead Agent will notify the Florida Sheriffs Task force chairman of the need and request an EOC team member to respond to the Sheriffs’ Desk. Upon request, FSA will respond as “first in” until an EOC team member can travel to the EOC and will assist as needed. These team members usually respond from non-impacted areas of the state.

When the EOC Sheriffs’ Desk is manned, a survey is sent out to all the Sheriffs’ Offices through SEMS (and online survey program) requesting what numbers are available in the area of manpower, vehicles and boats, and other response assets. When FDLE determines the number of sheriffs’ assets that are needed, the Sheriffs’ Desk determines which combination of Sheriffs’ Offices to draw from – those that are not disaster impacted – and will likely not be impacted later. After the response Sheriffs' Offices are determined, they are provided with a mission a and mission tracking number which is vital for re-imbursement issues.

The responding sheriffs’ teams are asked to respond completely self-sustained, so as not to be a burden on the impacted sheriff, and are also asked if they can be self-relieving if a prolonged response is needed. The Sheriffs’ Desk usually remains manned as long as there are deputies in the field.

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