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Sheriff Mike Williams (R)



Bishop Kenny High School; BS degree, multi-disciplinary studies, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA; more than 800 hours basic to advanced SWAT tactics, interviews and interrogations; Seaport Security Anti-Terrorism training; Situational Leadership II Instructor Certification; Liability Management for Tactical Operations, FBI's National Executive Institute, graduate.


Air National Guard.


Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, 23 years: patrol officer, detective, first responder, SWAT team member, Career Criminal Unit, 1991-1999; Sergeant, Juvenile Intervention Unit, Seaport Security Unit, 1999-2004; Lieutenant, Watch Commander in downtown Jacksonville, led Gang Investigations and Gun Crime Investigations units, led team that implemented agency's "Offender Watch" program, 2004-2008; Appointed Assistant Division Chief, Narcotics and Vice Section, 2008-2010; assigned to Homeland Security Section, 2009; appointed Division Chief, Homeland Security/Narcotics-Vice, 2010-2013; appointed Director, Department of Investigations and Homeland Security, Department of Patrol and Enforcement, 2013-2014; elected Sheriff of Duval County, 2015; re-elected 2016.

Honors and Affiliations 

Led nationally recognized SWAT Team; identified and implemented programs to better fight sexual predators and offenders; developed narcotics and gun crime fighting units considered to be among the best law enforcement “partners” on complicated cases; advanced JSO’s commitment to training for the bomb squad and dive team, resulting in both specialties now nationally recognized for their training expertise; member IACP; Northeast Florida Law Enforcement Executives Association.

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